Brown Colour | Watercolour Palette

Brown Colour | Watercolour Palette

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Brown | Walnut harvested from mothers garden

Set in a bottle. With about 3.5 times the amount that is in a standard pan

Preserved with Lemon Myrtle - This aroma will be present as you use the watercolours but will not be evident in your works. 

Due to the wet and humid weather of the wet season in the Sunshine Coast, some of the colours have slight cracking from their drying process as well as a wabi sabi palette feel, this does not affect their use and result and has been accommodated for in the price.

All palettes will come with a fabric cover and a booklet with all the below information detailed and colour swatches. 


Welcome to the world of botanical Watercolours & natural bio-regional living colour palettes.

I hope these watercolours can inspire & encourage cultural changes in the way we create things. Moving away from acrylic and large production to smaller batches of locally handmade materials that ebb & flow with the sessional changes in emergence with the natural living world.

Part of the beauty & character of botanical Watercolours is that each batch is slightly different depending on the season, growing conditions and the soil the plants have grown in.

The colour & consistency of botanical watercolours can also vary over time. They are still living colour. It is recommended to store them out of direct sunlight in a cool dark place. It is recommended that artworks made with botanical watercolours are kept out of direct sunlight, or treated with a fixative spray such as spectrafix or shellac. I also recommend the use of lemon myrtle water to brush over the colours when you are storing them away to avoid mould. 

Some of the watercolours may leave some granular organic matter residue while painting, this mostly comes off when dry if you brush it off with a dry brush.

Modifiers can be used to alter the colours subtly and dramatically. You can dilute the modifiers or make them stronger. You will receive a sheet sharing how to make your own modifiers. Modifiers dramatically extend the available colour palette through the use of some basic chemistry and alchemy of metals, acids & alkalis. Suggested modifiers are: Copper acetate, iron oxide, citric acid, bi-carb soda, sodium carbonate, lemon juice & vinegar. We have copper acetate and iron oxide available to purchase on our website already diluted into a solution. Alternatively, copper sulphate & ferrous sulphate are available on our website in powder form that can be used to create the copper and iron modifiers solution respectively.

It is important to not cross-contaminate modifiers and the colour palettes so you are able to continue using them, unless intended, by using separate palettes for mixing and brushes. That way you can still have control with your natural living colour palette.

Any questions, feel free to send us a message. 

Please share your works, and tag us on Instagram or Facebook.

We would love to see what you create with the endless possibilities.