ONLINE | Botanical Expressions - Eco-Printing on Fabric and Paper ~ Go at your own pace

ONLINE | Botanical Expressions - Eco-Printing on Fabric and Paper ~ Go at your own pace

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As our climate heads further towards catastrophe with our biosphere trying to cope with a myriad of losses, it is evident that our relationship to the living land is in need of radical change. We cannot continue to ignore the wild and emergent intelligence of the land and the reciprocity within our bodies. We can no longer hold the living world at a distance. We need to embrace it as it sustains us.”

This online course has been created as a sister course to our in-person introductory course in eco-printing. It’s here for those who have been unable to attend our in-person workshops.

During this course you will gather an understanding of the foundations of eco-printing, creating your own eco-printed pieces of fabric, paper, shawls as well as opportunities to add prints to fabric items you have lying around or collected as well as refreshing old clothes.

This course has been cultivated with lessons to explore and enrichen your connection with eco-printing and plants, your local surrounds as well as with the wider online community. It’s a slow, simple and sensory approach to natural dyeing and eco-printing practices.

This course is suited for beginners who are curious about this artform and/or who have already been exploring eco-printing but are looking to expand their knowledge. Intermediate and advanced natural dyers and eco-printers are also welcomed if you want to join in with the online container and experience potential different techniques.

We will be exploring cellulose fabrics such as cotton, hemp and bamboo as well as paper and protein-based fabrics (silk and wool). 

This course can be taken at your own pace or you can follow the energy of the container over the 6 weeks. All modules will have printable content as well as videos to inspire, to share, and to learn from. 

You will be added to the Facebook group when you sign up and receive the introductory PDF ebook. I’m all about value, sharing and cultivating connection amongst the community so I’ll be popping into the Facebook group to share content and respond to your questions.   

The course runs over 6 weeks.

  • A 2 week introductory module that is a PDF with all the materials you need to gather and the preparations.
  • The 1st module will cover paper.
  • The 2nd will cover various fabric types.
  • The 3rd will cover how to print on a shawl
  • The 4th how to print on clothing already sewn. 

All content is sent via email so you can print it out, the videos will be sent to you via a link to a private youtube video. Lifetime availability. 

Content to be Explored:

Introductory 2 week Ebook PDF ONLY module. Much of this content will be revisited in the following weeks videos. 

  • Pre-stages of fabric and paper selection and preparation.
  • Binders, how to prepare and use.
  • Mordants, how to prepare and use.
  • How to test, gather and prepare leaf and organic matter.
  • Ethics of wild-harvesting

Rest of the course

  • Dyeing - Bundle boiling methods, folding methods, trying different ways.
  • Drying, washing and caring for eco-printed works.
  • How to save on water and other resources.
  • Material and process safety.
  • Troubleshooting also via facebook.

Cost: $77

Afterpay available on all payments. 

I am currently building the content for future intermediate and advanced natural dyeing, eco-printing, botanical inks and much more . These will have both in-person and online options. So there will be more in the future to deepen your learnings, as well as support in the online Facebook group.