Honey Halter | Ciganka x Hemp Temple | Size L

Honey Halter | Ciganka x Hemp Temple | Size L

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This garment is mindfully woven from hemp and organic cotton and hand embelished by Sammy from Ciganka Artforms from Nature


Cup Size 






The Hemp Temple Collaboration

As our business grows, morphiates and changes we too, the creators, are required to adapt our creative flow in order to follow it's currents.

We have the opportunity to choose who to align ourselves with.

We choose to be aligned with earth-centric creators and The Hemp Temple are our first collaboration to share with you all.

The Hemp Temple are not just a brand, they are a team of creative, philanthropic, poetic, and fiery women who embody what it is to be an emergent business in flow. Community is at the centre, and they are radically authentic in their expression, creating experiences to inspire.

This collaboration offers us so much potential, with a plethora of ideas brimming from our imagination and hands.

Collaboration feels supportive.
It feels like community.
It feels alive and full of motion.


Each piece created is an invitation for me to drop into the present moment, to feel into where I am in that moment, to reach for each leaf and allow it to guide me to where it needs to be placed. I am process led and these works take several hours of pre-preparation, creation, boiling and curing time. As each piece emerges from the cauldron and I get to witness the imbued prints in the fabric as they reflect to me my experiences. These are symbolic representations of me and my experience in reciprocity with the natural living world.

This piece needs to be cared for as you would care for yourself or any other living organism. They are imprinted with living colour that morphiates and changes as you engage with it. The PH of your water or the detergent you use will alter and change the colour pallet, and allow this piece to change with you. Only wash it when it feels dirty, wash in gently in cold water. Don’t use nasty chemicals, keep it natural. Dry it in the shade and mend it if it needs repairs. I do offer re-dyes/repairs if you decided years later you want it to be refreshed. The fabric holds memory so it's always beautiful to cleanse and re-energise it with new seasonal energy.

These images don’t fully express the colour pallet of the prints. I often find it most challenging to take photos of living colour in fabric. (One day I’ll upskill my photography abilities.) There are so many colour hues that I just cannot capture at a distance. But for now, you can hover over the images and get a closer look. Please feel free to email and ask any questions. Each piece is created from upcycled and second-hand fabrics, therefore you may find some imperfections and irregularities that have been embraced as part of the artistic process.

See our returns and exchange information for further details.