Paint your own ‘Love Bug’ kits

Paint your own ‘Love Bug’ kits

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Hand Crafted | Small Batch 

These kits are created as a collaboration between Crystal Lotus who has designed and laser cut the love bugs and Ciganka Artforms who have created the Eco-Chromatic paints. 

Included in the kit :

3x Love Bugs

1x 8 colour Eco-Chromatic watercolour swatch card with enough to paint all 3 bugs and have some left over

1x Paint brush 

1x Instructions

Part of the beauty and character of the Eco-Chromatic range of art materials is that each batch may slightly vary depending on the season of harvest and growing conditions of its organic ingredients.

I hope these watercolours can inspire and encourage changes in the way we create. Moving away from acrylic and large production to smaller batches of locally handmade natural materials that ebb and flow with the seasonal changes in emergence with the natural living world.

The colour and consistency of botanical and earthen watercolours can vary over time.

They are living colour.

It is recommended to store them out of direct sunlight in a cool dark place.

It is recommended that artworks made with botanical and earthen watercolours are kept out of direct sunlight, or treated with a fixative spray or shellac.

It is recommended to use a small amount of lemon myrtle oil diluted in water to brush over the watercolours when you are storing them away to prevent mould.