About Us

We (Sammy and Sebastian) are wild crafters that live in the Noosa hinterlands. We work with the organic nature of textiles, timber, clay and foraged objects. Using methods of binding, dyeing, stitching, weaving and carving, creating re-earthable works that hold a resonance of ecological connection to place. 

Our artistic expressions are the result of our direct experience within our surrounding landscapes, reciprocating each other in an ambiguous nature throughout seasonal changes and moody terrains.

In the absence of spoken dialogue we curiously encourage leaves and debris to imprint their stories on fabrics, allowing ourselves to just be with and experience the imbued markings.

We offer our meanderings of improvised stitching, carvings of expressive shapes, rhythmic patterns and emotive colours as our own emergent non-verbal response. These explorations of expression draw us into a sensuous encounter with the ecology of our surroundings. 

Our works are highly inspired by our travels, our way of life and interaction with other cultures. We count amongst our muses the works of India Flint, Rebecca Desnos, David Abram and Bill Plotkin .