Ethics and Sustainability


We are not just another brand. 

As our climate heads further towards catastrophe with our biosphere trying to cope with a myriad of losses, it is evident that our relationship to the living land is in need of radical change.
We cannot continue to ignore the wild and emergent intelligence of the land and the reciprocity within our bodies. We can no longer hold the living world at a distance. We need to embrace it as it sustains us.
We are not just another brand. We are artists exploring and reshaping what it means to be an ethical business through emergent processes. We are constantly expanding our awareness, learning and changing our ways in order to encompass a holistic approach to how we vision our business and artistic works to be.
We are passionate about inspiring and empowering others to step into their version of holistic and artistic expression, using the arts as methods of social change and environmental justice.

Local Suppliers.

We use local Australian suppliers, textile remnants, up-cycling 2nd hand fabrics and reclaimed timbers as well as the discarded treasures of human habitation.

We offer transparency in our creative processes.

Repair - Reuse - Recycle.

We believed in quality and longevity. Our creations can be repurposed, reused and reworked into new pieces. We offer cost effective re-dyes and workshops for you to learn skills around how to maintain your own pieces.

Considered Slow-Fashion.

There is no horde of minions, its just us... Sebastian and Sammy.

We hand-craft each piece and are considerate of resources, only producing small batches in order to not create excess waste. We are considerate of the plants needs and maintain a high level of mutual respect with our wild-harvesting practices.